From father I have inherited most of my characteristics. He has many great traits but unfortunately amongst them is Anger. My sister and I seem to have inherited that. But I also have inherited his sensitivity which makes my anger something that bothers me on a much deeper level.

I want to look into ways to deal with my anger issues. They will have the same effect on me that they had on my grand dad who has heart attacks, strokes and many nervous ticks. Yes, my grandma also has that anger disease. Did she live a miserable life or what! The worst type of anger is the “out of nowhere” anger. This type of anger has triggers from my memory. For example, I remember a situation I endured when I experienced some anger. Remembering that will revive that anger, even though I should have dealt with it long ago.

Ok, back to my anger, which I always internalize sadly. I wish I would have outbursts like a normal person. But NOOO I had to go and be special and bottle everything. Let us assess the options available.

First, my source for anger is my sister and my mother when she is with my sister. My sister has my grandmother’s personality and tends to be angry most of the day without knowing why. Since I’m a sensitive little fuck I take that on and carry the hurt.

Step1: Spend as little time with her as possible. I enjoy her company but she lashes out too much and she has a really bad habit of shouting. Which is a trigger for my anger.

Step2: Whenever I feel angry I will not lower myself or escalate the situation.

Step3: Whenever I feel angry I will leave the rom till that feeling changes. If I cannot leave the room, I will change the topic or ignore the person who is creating the trigger.

Step4: As soon s I get angry “out of nowhere” I will stop what I’m doing and do something differently to distract myself. I will also write down or think of 5 reasons to love that person.

Step5: Whenever I feel attacked I will laugh at the situation or ask the person to stop doing what they are trying to do. I can say that I have no energy or will to argue with them and I will excuse myself out of the situation. Thankfully the people that trigger anger are usually people I can leave at will or ignore whenever I please. People from work are usually quite professional and lovely. Most people are intact amazingly kind its just that sadly in my family we have an anger issue.



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