Being Lazy

What a mess.

Sister and brother are back and I’ve been dealing with them very well. In fact, I will give them nothing but love and be patient with them. I need to always remember that I have to be the bigger person and give them what they want; kindness. As for the rest of the family, I will treat them with the same behaviour they treat me.

Alright, enough with that. I’m being a little bit more proactive. I have just over 2 months to reach my goal weight and that’s plenty of time. In 20 days I have a very important seminar to hold and I wanna be both fit and confident for that. By fit I mean more than just physically.

Most of my day is spent sitting down in front of at least 2 screens. I usually sit for hours at a time without really moving or taking a break. No, I’m not working myself to death. I actually choose to sit at my desk for fun. Yes, this is my fun. St this very moment I have three screens in front of me. One is usually the entertainment screen, one is this MacBook and the other screen is a graphics tablet display. So year. I love my screens and I love hanging out here. This is great and all but there is a wasted opportunity here. I have the chance to use this screen addiction to my benefit. I could sit on a stationary bike while I’m reading or on an elliptical while I’m watching something. The only time I will need a chair is when I’m drawing on the tablet. I could even type while I’m on the bike. I saw the great advantage of using this time to do some cardio and got myself a convertible elliptical/bike. Will be here in a day or two. My issue is that I cannot spare two hours a day to go to the gym and be bored to death. This is why every time I go its absolute torture. I feel like it ruins my day. But if I can just work out while I’m having fun then I will be goo and make an easy change.


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