Quarter-life crisis

Alright, running away and living alone is not going to solve this. I have to give myself a second chance. In these coming 2 months I have to go absolutely nuts. Change all my bad habits, address all health issues and care about only myself. This means no more being taken advantage off or trying to make people happy who don’t care for my wellbeing. Also, I need to show mother some love. She deserves it. I feel like her horrible characteristics are a result of years of abuse from her family and neglect from her husband. I and my siblings are the ones that take the abuse.

Body, mind, health.

How do I deal with the quarter-life crisis? 1: create opportunities of physical movement. when I’m sitting at my pc, I could easily sit on the bike and work. When I’m watching something, I could easily stand on the elliptical and exercise (in fact I will do so once I post this), I could say yes to all invitations to go for a walk or a day trip



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